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Metal Roof Systems

This type of metal panel is the best of the best!
The concealed-fastener roofing system could last over
80 years! Lifetime warranty!

Concealed Fasteners

"It just makes sense!" This roof's fastening system is completely concealed, leaving no room water to get in through a screw hole. Each panel conceals the fastener line of the previous panel. Some installers have exposed fasteners on their trim panels because it's "good enough" but we prefer to go above and beyond. Every piece of trim is fastened behind the metal so that even the beginning and ending panels don't have exposed fasteners. 

SS Overlap.jpg
Roll Former.jpg
Roll Former.jpg

On-site Manufacturing

We bring the factory to you! Our panels are roll-formed on-site, eliminating the middle man and reducing the chance of mistakes in ordering. This also helps limit the effect of supply-chain issues. Each panel receives a custom "hem" to enhance the look AND the function of the panel. 

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