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Telling the story of redemption one roof at a time.


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Telling the story of redemption one roof at a time.

Residential & Commercial
Residential: Shingles, Metal and Flat Roofs
Commercial: Shingles, Metal, Flat and Low-Slope, Exposed-Fastener Metal, Standing-Seam Metal, Redemptions

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"XYZ Company put my roof on two months ago and it leaks, and they won't answer their phone and won't come back to fix it..." "My buddy knew a guy who said he could do it and he took half the money to start, did 10% of the work and I never saw him again." "They wanted to charge me $28,000 to replace the roof on my double-wide manufactured home..." "I don't know anything about roofing, so I don't know if they even did it correctly."

We wish these were made-up stories. But they're not. These are real-life situations that we come across on a regular basis. Roofing contractors who won't stand behind their work, friends of friends who are happy to take money and run, companies who over-charge for their services because, well, we wish we knew. We pray this doesn't happen to anyone. EVER. What can be done about it? Redeemed Roofing and Exteriors can't change the way other people do business (or theft!), but we can choose how we do business. We will stand behind our work and work until the job is completed. We'll give you great value for your hard-earned money. And we will return your call. (But for safety reasons, we'll make sure we're off the ladder first!) And our teams with decades of combined experience in our field, we will make sure that YOU are sure that it's done correctly. 

Ours is a story of redemption. We'd love for your exterior to share in that story as well.


Don't take our word for it!

See what our clients are saying!

"Aaron was a pleasure to work with. He is honest and fair priced. The crew that he had out to replace my roof was not only professional, they also provided very good, quality work!!

Will definitely call Aaron for my next job."

"Redeemed Roofing is definitely the right company to do business with. Roofs that will give you peace of mind when you rest your head on your pillow during the next raging gale!


Definitely recommend!"

"We are very impressed with the whole project! Aaron was quick with responding to our questions and getting the work started as promised.
Kevin and the crew took on a unique (old) roof and completed the job leaving the site it better then they found it."

"Good quality craftsmanship! Highly recommend. Honest, caring, and the best prices around town."

"Great service, very responsive and was able to replace my roof in a very timely matter as it was a bit of an emergency! Cleaned up after themselves and Aaron came to make sure everything looked right. Would definitely use them again."

"Aaron is amazing!! He worked with me and my insurance company to get the max benefit."

Join Aaron, the owner of Redeemed Roofing as he interviews other Christian business owners and dives into practical tips, biblical principles, and inspiring stories from successful Christian entrepreneurs. Whether you're a seasoned business owner or just starting out, we hope you'll find this podcast to be a valuable resource for your journey in business and faith.

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