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Metal Roof System

The more budget-friendly option in metal roofing. Get a metal roof and
still have a 40 year warranty for a lower cost than standing-seam!

40 Year Fastener

Most companies are installing a fastener that will rust in a few short years. We use a stainless-steel-capped screw with a 40 year warranty. What's the point of a 40-year metal panel with a 5 year fastener? 

Screw Compare.png


This is an ECO-logical and ECO-nomical way to install a metal roof. In many cases we can install over a single layer of shingles which means you don't have to pay for the labor and disposal for tearing off your shingles and that's less non-decaying asphalt in the landfill. And we can install a layer of insulative material under the metal to help you reduce your heating/cooling energy use. There may also be tax advantages for energy-saving upgrades. Save money AND save the planet!

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